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Skeleton[ edit ] The skeleton of a shark is mainly made of cartilage. In particular, the endoskeletons are made of unmineralized hyaline cartilage which is more flexible and less dense than bone, thus making them expel less energy at high speeds. Each piece of skeleton is formed by an outer connective tissue called the perichondrium and then covered underneath by a layer of hexagonal, mineralized blocks called tesserae. Most sharks have eight fins: a pair of pectoral fins , a pair of pelvic fins , two dorsal fins , an anal fin , and a caudal fin.

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Types[ edit ] For every type of fin, there are a number of fish species in which this particular fin has been lost during evolution. Pectoral fins The paired pectoral fins are located on each side, usually just behind the operculum, and are homologous to the forelimbs of tetrapods. A peculiar function of pectoral fins, highly developed in some fish, is the creation of the dynamic lifting force that assists some fish, such as sharks , in maintaining depth and also enables the "flight" for flying fish. In many fish, the pectoral fins aid in walking , especially in the lobe-like fins of some anglerfish and in the mudskipper.

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Functions[ edit ] The main purpose of the dorsal fin is to stabilize the animal against rolling and to assist in sudden turns. Some species have further adapted their dorsal fins to other uses. The sunfish uses the dorsal fin and the anal fin for propulsion. In anglerfish , the anterior of the dorsal fin is modified into a biological equivalent to a fishing pole and a lure known as illicium or esca. Many catfish can lock the leading ray of the dorsal fin in an extended position to discourage predation or to wedge themselves into a crevice.

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