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I made a serious mistake but fortunately it worked out very well. For some reason I looked out my bedroom window into the backyard. It looked as if someone was sleeping in one of my lawn chairs. So I put on my sweat pants and went down to check it out. Sure enough it was Tommie from next door.

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This place does an exceptional job of making me feel claustrophobic. I've learned to find ways to see myself through the commotion. Look up. there's nothing there but open space. " His deep voice was comforting in my ear, as was his hand gently holding mine.

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Only when I had nothing left in me and was hunched on my hands and knees on the floor did he step forward. He picked me up princess-style and carried me down the hall. I expected that we were going back to bed. But he surprised me by taking me into the bathroom. Setting me on the closed toilet lid and leaning me against the vanity countertop.

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A plan. But what was my plan. Not here at the mall, but in life. I'd overheard my boss on the phone Tuesday telling someone that he was going to offer a couple of employees a promotion to fulltime after the holiday.

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Then I was lying down again with a pillow between my hands and my back. While not constricting like he'd done in the past with my breasts individually wrapped as though in two vices, I could feel the ropes pull taut and then loosen again with each inhale and exhale. The snugness of them against my chest and back was highly arousing.

The feelings only increased the deeper I breathed. He retrieved something else from the box.

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