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Quote: Originally posted by Passionate Pastor It is pretty well known that men love to watch women pleasure themselves, but I wanted to know from wives if they like to watch their husbands masturbate? Yeah, I love it! It happens often if he's helping me come, after he's gone down and I'm using the Wahl, or if he's having a hard time coming during a BJ and he does it to give my neck muscles a break. Sometimes, once in a great while I am not in the mood, or I have a UTI, like I woke up with this morning and if he is, he might ask,"Do you mind if I jerk off, while you hold me?

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I had not climaxed and felt"uncomfortable " so I masturbated myself and fell asleep. Last night my wife told me that she was awake the whole time and very much enjoyed watching me masturbating. She said she would like to watch me some more and was very turned on. I feel kinda embarrassedand really don't know what to say. So I have 2 questions

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Doesn't take the dog for a walk. Doesn't do anything. She just demands that I jack off Infront of her. We haven't had actual sex in over a month. She just watches me jerk it.

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Thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share your story with me. " "Woman, you are an enigma," he groaned and kissed me softly. "Sometimes, I fear a bad reaction, but you surprise me with the opposite. I love that about you.

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Maybe Chris didn't want to be a dad. We hadn't exactly had this discussion yet, so I didn't know his thoughts on it. Then there was the fact that he was strapped for funds with starting school again in January. The benevolence of Professor Bradley only covered tuition.

He still needed a roof over his head and food in his belly.

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My wife watching me masturbate excited
My wife watching me masturbate