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Saturday, June 29, Not just cooler temps but the Swamp cooler is up and running! We got the pads changed and did a test run to make sure the pump was working. Then put the machine back together for the summer!! My son did the ladder and roof work.. I got Aspen pads this year as I read they create better cooling.

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It was a acre parcel on a major road. We were in the process of surveying the potential boundaries for each church, and everyone was so excited and proclaiming the goodness of the Lord in allowing us to find this land when suddenly, we got word that the seller had accepted another offer! We were out. Our dreams cut short. How could God allow this devastating blow?

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The song was, dare we say, pure, unabashed rock. It was actual fun! It would soon become the band's biggest hit in the United States. But first, the anxious music writers had to figure out a way to justify it. It was a parody of radio hits on the radio!

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He released his grip on my hair and both hands moved to hold my right hip, to pull himself into me. The staccato sound of skin smacking skin filled the room among our irregular breaths.

The grunts and cries between them coming from us both. His fingers dug into my skin, his jaw clenched.

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It was uncomfortable and somewhat humiliating, but not painful. He always started with a quarter of an hour and increased it by five-minute intervals if I made noises-whining, heavy sighs, even giggling-or broke my position in any way. Once, I even came because I could hear him jerking off behind me and I'd let my mind wander.

That had cost me another fifteen minutes. There had been many times in the corner at first.

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He brushed my hair off my face. "Feeling better?" "Absolutely. " I kissed him when he lowered his lips to mine, and then I got up again and pulled on fresh pair of panties.

I grabbed my jeans and sat on the edge of the bed. "Is it the same spot as last year?" "It should be.

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More of my naughtier side revealing itself, as Chris would say. And that made me shiver. "Once I started at the university, I grew to like the biology courses," Chris continued, pausing to alternate between drinking and eating as he spoke.

"I ended up getting a degree in that instead to allow more opportunities for employment.

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Gathered me into his arms and kissed my forehead. He was snoring softly before I succumbed to sleep. Despite how I was usually relaxed after sex with Chris-even as vigorous as it had been tonight-something still lingered in my thoughts. Something that prevented me from drifting off and joining my lover in dreamland.

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" He kissed me and hugged me tight then tucked my head under his chin while he stroked my hair. "Thank you. for your thank you. " Sighing softly, I smoothed my hand over his chest.

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Her daughter?" Chris burst out laughing, holding his sides. "If you could see the look on your face right now, Holly!" My chest was heaving. "What. Why is this funny?" He reached out and grasped my hand.

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I got my head shaved woo hoo
I got my head shaved woo hoo