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Alvin 46 the chipmunks toys

The segment depicts Alvin sifting through various presents to find a hula hoop, even as he reluctantly sings along with the other Chipmunks. At the end of the song, Seville rewards Simon and Theodore with toy planes and Alvin with his hula hoop. The subsequent argument about singing the song again ends abruptly with their Christmas tree falling over, and Seville and the Chipmunks emerge from the mess to wish the viewers a merry Christmas. A depressed Alvin sings along flatly at first much like the original , but then leaves the studio to give away his harmonica to a sick boy. As Seville starts to resume recording the song without Alvin, Alvin returns in the nick of time to sing the song with the others.

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What is up With That Title? And the rest of the title is just kind of plopped at the end? That is indeed the official title of the show. That deserves a list of its own.

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