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Tweet Photo by Marija Mandic via Stocksy In the summer of , Gary Bolnick started to feel weighed down with a new kind of weariness. A self-described workaholic, he was used to burning the candle at both ends. But when he discovered lumps in his neck, he went to his doctor to get it checked out. But when his symptoms started to worsen—the fatigue continued and the lumps grew in size—he went back to the doctor, who took a biopsy. On New Year's Day, , he received the results: stage-4 tonsil cancer.

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Image by the amazing Stuart F Taylor The best position in which to give a blow job is flat on my back. Flat on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed — mouth stretched out, wide open. Hands pinned beneath me, or in the grip of the guy whose cock is jammed nice and hard into my throat. Experimenting with varying levels of pressure, using my hands differently, swallowing as much of your cock as I can.

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Any thoughts of having the privilege of sucking it, though, were dashed when he maneuvered between my legs and sat back down. Although he was seated properly on the couch now, he was sideways to me with my left knee held up behind him against the back cushion of the couch. My other leg was draped so that my calf rested in his lap, his cock propped up between his abs and my shin. The coolness of the balls from the Jacob's Ladder sent a little shiver from my leg all the way up my spine.

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His arms wrapped around my waist under the water before he pulled me back when he reclined. Then they moved up, enveloping my upper body in his wet crisscrossed hug while his fingers stroked my hair. I rolled my head on his shoulder, blinking through the teardrops that lingered on my eyelashes. My hands folded over his arms, lightly holding him while the water level rose and fell over my breasts like the tide ebbing and flowing from my uneven breathing.

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I was still shaking and mumbling when he dislodged himself from my body and laid me down, caressing my face and hair. Whispering for me that he was there. The sound of him zipping up his pants reminded me we had plans, but he didn't have me get up. He left the room for a few minutes.

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It's going to be a shit show in the parking lot. " I raised my eyebrows and checked the clock again. "Already?" "You wouldn't believe how cutthroat people can be on this day. And I'm not just talking about the women. " Chris had been right.

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" "Why now?" Chris's voice was tinged with anger. His fingers gripped me tighter, making me wince. "Why come clean after all this time?" Dirk didn't answer but went back to the door and pulled it open. Jolie paused in the doorway, worrying her lower lip while she looked around.

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I said he didn't have to contribute toward rent while he was getting his degree, but he insisted that he couldn't live with me for free. We compromised that he'd pay the utilities. At least he was able to get rid of his apartment. Will had passed his GED the first week of December.

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