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Although initially the digital computer was only intended to solve the navigation equations, other tasks were being gradually added to simplify the hardware in front of and behind the computer itself. For example, digital signal processing requires quick but simple integer arithmetics while solving the navigation equations requires high-accuracy floating-point arithmetics. The latter does not need to be as quick as the former signal processing, but a considerable number of operations still need to be performed in a limited amount of time. To make a fair comparison one should consider the development time for the hardware and for the software. In the case of the described navigation receiver, the development of the software required between two and three times the amount of time required to develop the hardware!

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This prompted me to setup this page in , and a lot more has happened since then. We hope some of you will share your experiences with us - whether your motives are "business" ones, or simply "enthusiasm for the technology". I am particularly keen to spread knowledge of "off the shelf" hardware, since it helps my business contacts to create better or lower cost solutions. However, for some applications, like minute-by-minute tracking of taxis within a city, emergency services and police, or in countries where mobile 'phone coverage is still very poor, conventional "radio" can be the answer.

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Of course radio amateurs are not only interested in amateur-radio satellites: almost any artificial Earth's satellite represents a challenge, either to receive its weak signal on rather high frequencies or to demodulate, decode and use the data it is transmitting. Besides amateur-radio satellites, the most interesting satellites for radio amateurs are weather imaging satellites: radio amateurs have successfully built weather-satellite image reception equipment for all known weather satellites and all known image transmission standards. Radio-amateurs also pioneered satellite TV reception using small antennas much earlier than this became a mass-produced consumer product. Since these receivers can measure their tri-dimensional position with an accuracy of around 50m anywhere on the Earth's surface, their user community ranges from pleasure-aircraft pilots to truck drivers and mountain climbers and, why not, radio amateurs!

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PinPoint is completely free for individual use. Loaded with Features! PinPoint has many unique features that are not found in any other APRS implementation and yet is very easy to use. All features are easily accessible using configuration screens, menu selections or mouse clicks on a map.

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