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His fingers brushed my hair off my forehead before his lips pressed there. "Are you more worried about what she has to say or what you need to get off your mind?" I hugged him tight, burying my face in his shoulder. "Mine. Both.

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This place does an exceptional job of making me feel claustrophobic. I've learned to find ways to see myself through the commotion.

Look up. there's nothing there but open space. " His deep voice was comforting in my ear, as was his hand gently holding mine.

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" I just snorted and rolled my eyes at him. "Tell me about your letter?" I asked later that night while we were lying in his bed, the sheet tucked around my naked body between us. He was on his back with one arm under my neck. I was on my side facing him, and I kept sighing from his fingers casually running through my hair.

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Especially one so simple as my eyes. At least I hadn't lost my voice this time. "Just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. " "Wow. " He removed the lid from his cup, blew on the dark liquid inside, and took a hesitant sip.

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He picked me up princess-style and carried me down the hall. I expected that we were going back to bed. But he surprised me by taking me into the bathroom.

Setting me on the closed toilet lid and leaning me against the vanity countertop. Then he ran a hot bath.

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