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In Singapore, Rachel visits her college friend Peik Lin and her family, who are shocked when she tells them she is dating Nick Young. Peik Lin reveals that Nick's family is extremely wealthy and famous and are members of high society. At a dinner party at the Young estate, Nick introduces Rachel to his mother Eleanor, while his cousin Astrid discovers that her husband Michael, who comes from a more humble background than the Youngs, has been having an affair. Rachel senses that Eleanor dislikes her. Rachel attends Araminta's bachelorette party , where Amanda reveals that she is Nick's former girlfriend and hints that Rachel may not be able to integrate into such a high-class family with her lower background.

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It follows the adventure of a high school girl who, on a school bus, manages to survive a gust of wind that beheads everyone on it. Her identity begins to change over time and she experiences death countless times, and survives it, all until the end where the story begins unravelling. Just for the ending scene alone, this is a must-watch, even if it may be a little gory at times. On a surface level, Angry Indian Goddesses talks about the goings-ons that happen during a bachelorette party but, it goes deeper than a party. Not only does it highlight the gender inequality issue within the country, it also discusses the rape problem, the caste system, skin colour differences, and more — all while balancing out the drama of it all.

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It's going to be a shit show in the parking lot. " I raised my eyebrows and checked the clock again. "Already?" "You wouldn't believe how cutthroat people can be on this day. And I'm not just talking about the women.

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Thought it had helped. But then I walked into your bedroom and saw what you were logged into. Hoped but didn't assume it was my profile. Whatever you were reading, it must have been very interesting because you hadn't scrolled down the page for over two minutes. Then when I did see what had captured your attention.

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He leaned down and kissed the top of one breast then licked at my nipple. "Is this what you've been wanting, Holly?" "Please, please, please. Chris, may I come?" I mumbled at his neck before his lips covered mine.

"I thought you'd never ask. " He thrust hard, making me scream.

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The further we walked, the worse it got. The lines at the two different coffee vendors I was familiar with were a clear sign they were going to make a killing today.

and there probably wasn't a chance I'd get my favorite drink. "This is nothing, Holly. You should see the other areas of the mall where the techy stores are.

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Yes. Don't stop, honey!" Stroking and sucking his cock, my tongue played at the underside while I fondled his balls. My breasts were aching now, too. I pressed them harder against the couch, trying to suppress my own arousal, and rose up on my knees.

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"Look at me. " I blinked, feeling dampness on my eyelashes as I obeyed. "I'm on board, honey. It's okay. " He cupped my cheeks in his palms and brushed his thumbs under my eyes.

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I wanted the old traditions I'd always known. with Chris added in. But I swallowed my pride and accepted that my life was changing, whether I wanted to admit it or not. Chris surprised me with his parents' plan to fly us both out west for the week to spend the holiday with them.

They had moved closer to one of his sisters last winter, and everyone was gathering in Arizona this year.

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Remember, we want to appear professional but still comfortable. It's going to be a long day. " I tried not to groan at the numbers on the alarm clock. People actually got up at quarter-to-four on Black Friday. On purpose.

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How did I tell him that the chaos inside my apartment was of my own doing because I'd failed to stand up for myself the very first time I was confronted with my past.

That once more, instead of handling the situation, I'd tucked my tail like a coward and tried to disappear. He regarded me for a moment longer then helped me stand, walking me into the lobby before wrapping me into his coat. His lips were so warm when they brushed mine.

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