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Robin liked her job. This was quite a bit to say for an erotic dancer. But it was all true. Sometimes they were fun-loving people, gentle, polite and appreciative of her work. On one afternoon, Robin arrived at work after a particularly great weekend.

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Tags: gloryhole , wife , husband So here I am my husband and I looking for some entertainment. It was a very pleasant evening, dinner, a few drinks and a nice jazz band. We wondered about the streets peering into nightclub and other small venues. One that caught my eye seemed to be plentiful with women, it looked like the perfect place to mingle, dance and wind down an evening.

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We are both 40 and we left the kids home and we drove the 2 hours to her parents for the day. On the way back my wife suggested we stop. As the kids now are getting older and gone a lot more, my wife has enjoyed watching a porno once in a while. So I made the stop and it was pretty active on a Saturday night but it is pretty much in the middle of ho where and no one there would know us.

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We went to the local porn theatre, wearing our usual, easy-access clothing. During an average flick, I could finger-fuck Ann to 2 or 3 orgasms. She would pull my cock, but I usually waited until we got home to drop my load. This time, I worked her to 2 orgasms, but kept her from going over the edge for the third time. She was hot and ready!

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Found on AskReddit. What a great fucking blowjob. One for your dick and two up top to put your hands in to brace yourself I guess. I can find the pics if I search through my phone hard enough. My heart was pounding when I opened the door to a pitch-black house.

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Enjoy Usually for valentines day my girlfriend Sarah do extra special for each other usually something sexual. We we usually get new toys for the bedroom, sexy linguine or if we feel up to it we will invite a friend over for a threesome. This year Sarah for a month prior teased me on how she had something really cool she was going to do. It got to the point where I begged her to tell me what it was but she usually smiled telling me I needed to just wait and find out. I was very impatient because Sarah never got this excited about what she had planned for me and it was torture until the day finally came.

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It was a very nice summer evening, so we had dinner and drinks outdoors at one of our local small city establishments. There was a very good band playing great Irish tunes there. While we ate and talked, we decided to go to Providence to walk around afterwards. Later while walking, a place caught my eye that seemed plentiful with men and women. It looked like the perfect place to mingle, dance and wind down an evening.

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I watched the hustle and bustle of the crowd swirl around me. Despite the apparent disarray of their movements, they knew where they were going. They each had an agenda. a plan.

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I grinned before going back to flick my tongue at the tip of his cock a couple of times. At his guttural moan, I engulfed him almost to his base, the PA piercing blocking the rest of the way, as always.

Chris flung his head back. "Fuck.

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Maybe I should have finished college. I'd just not had any interest in any of the fields when it had been time to declare a major.

Money had always been tight with my parents. It had been a hard choice, but I'd finally dropped out after my second year and lived at home. got a job.

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He was the one to look away now. After a deep sigh, he was staring in my eyes again. Then he was rolling me onto my back. Climbing on top of me, his hands in my hair.

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