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Maged Louis in his office in Cairo. CAIRO — When asked to explain what Cairo's medical inspectors look for when they examine someone who's been arrested for homosexuality, Dr. Maged Louis picked up a pen and started sketching an oval with sharp points on both ends. The anus "won't be normal any more and will look like the female vagina. Anal exams are a routine part of the investigation in such cases, and Louis has a role in overseeing all of them.

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This examination may be used: for the diagnosis of rectal tumors and other forms of cancer ; for the diagnosis of prostatic disorders, notably tumors and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Its utility as a screening method for prostate cancer however is not supported by the evidence. Although a Journal of Emergency Medicine paper concludes: "We found the DRE to have a limited role in the diagnosis of acute, undifferentiated abdominal pain and acute appendicitis. The American Journal of Medicine published a paper in which a Dallas Hospital eliminated the FOBT in their emergency room for anemia and overt gastrointestinal bleeding. It concluded: "It has been more than 17 years since studies confirmed the futility of in hospital fecal occult blood tests and initiated its long demise.

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These examinations often involve doctors or other medical personnel forcibly inserting their fingers, and sometimes other objects, into the anus of the accused. Law enforcement officials and some medical personnel claim that by doing so they can determine the tone of the anal sphincter or the shape of the anus and draw conclusions as to whether or not the accused person has engaged in homosexual conduct. This argument is based on long-discredited 19th century science: the overwhelming weight of medical and scientific opinion holds that it is impossible to use these exams to determine whether a person has regularly engaged in same-sex conduct. Forced anal examinations are a form of cruel, degrading, and inhuman treatment that can rise to the level of torture.

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Photo credits: Can Ortak The practice of rectal examinations in the Turkish military made international news e. Gaytimes when it was abolished in November Before the amendment, gay men had to endure rectal examinations and provide photographic material of themselves during intercourse to prove their homosexuality. What happens if we, instead of taking the body for granted as the site of the gendered self with sexual desires, attend to how this body comes into being in different constellations? This also points to the question about the means that consolidate prevalent body epistemologies and present the body as a natural fact.

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Rectal examination in the elderly Description Rectal examination is an important part of the abdominal examination and genitourinary examination. It is important in examining for gastrointestinal disease but also for the detection of disease in other pelvic organs. It is an intimate physical examination which should be conducted correctly for detection of disease and patient comfort. Findings should be accurately and correctly recorded. Anatomical considerations[ 1 ] The rectum is the curved lower, terminal segment of large bowel.

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Commentary Anal Exams That 'Test' for Homosexuality Amount to Torture At least eight countries allow tests where doctors penetrate men accused of being gay. The international community needs to stand up to this abuse. Held down, Kais was helpless as a doctor forcibly inserted a finger — and then a tube — into his anus. What Kais, 21, experienced was a form of sexual assault, pure and simple.

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What is a digital rectal exam? A digital rectal examination DRE is a simple procedure doctors use to examine the lower rectum and other internal organs. A DRE is done for a number of reasons. It can detect conditions like an enlarged prostate benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. Read more: What do you want to know about enlarged prostate BPH?

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