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Erotic Romance vs. I've written many a love scene, but as soon as the word "erotic" was attached to my latest venture -- my debut erotic romance A TASTE OF YOU -- even my friends started to titter and ask probing questions. Was I now writing porn and did that explain my new pseudonym? Had my sex life improved? Was I aware that insert name of someone I barely know and her husband were into insert kinky thing?

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The erotic fiction book genre is made up of books that present the sexual aspects of love front and center. The books in the erotic genre have subtle sexual innuendo up to explicit descriptions of sexual acts. They also contain taboo elements of sexual fantasy, homosexuality, sado-masochism, and fetishes. The stories are designed to arouse the reader by feeding and expanding their personal sexual fantasies.

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All Hail McKinty! His dialogue is superb, his characters rich and his plotting tight and seemless. He writes with a wonderful and wonderfully humorous flair for language raising his work above most crime genre offerings and bumping it right up against literature. This one is looser-limbed, funnier

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Further information: List of writing genres William Shakespeare's statue Just as there are different types of painting: landscape, still life, portrait; there are different types of literary works. These types tend to share specific characteristics. Genres describe those works which share specific conventions. Literature is divided into the classic three forms of Ancient Greece, poetry , drama , and prose.

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But a closer examination reveals a lot more. As in most literary genres, certain tendencies attract readers, enjoy a brief moment of popularity, and lose traction—possibly to be renewed years later by another author. To maintain privacy, she declined to reveal her pseudonyms. Trends in erotica tend to emerge as kinks written into those popular genres. Many erotica writers point out that while the Golden 12 have been around for a while, situations like breeding—in which a male character hopes to impregnate a female character to trap her in a relationship—have seen an increase in popularity recently.

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You are on page 1of 4 Search inside document COMEDY Comedy, type of drama; It is contrasted on the one hand with tragedy and on the other with farce, burlesque, and other forms of humorous amusement. The classic conception of comedy, which began with Aristotle in ancient Greece of the 4th century BCE and persists through the present, holds that it is primarily concerned with humans as social beings, rather than as private persons, and that its function is frankly corrective. The comic artists purpose is to hold a mirror up to society to reflect its follies and vices, in the hope that they will, as a result, be mended. The 20th-century French philosopher Henri Bergson shared this view of the corrective purpose of laughter; specifically, he felt, laughter is intended to bring the comic character back into conformity with his society, whose logic and conventions he abandons when he slackens in the attention that is due to life.

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