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But the wheel turned over on me. I used to have a normal life. International human rights groups are alarmed at the consistent reports of rape from refugees flooding into Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The charity International Rescue Committee recently warned in a report that rape, or the fear of it, was the main reason why families were fleeing the country.

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A woman holds bread in Minbij city in the east countryside of Aleppo in this October 18, file photo. Having already been imprisoned for over a year, Mallohi was brought to the court chained and blindfolded. Her mother, who was waiting in the courtyard, burst into tears. A Syrian court granted Mallohi amnesty last month as part of a three-way hostage swap. When she emerges from prison, she will find her country radically changed.

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It highlights the way Syrian government, under the control of Bashar al-Assad, systematically used rape and sexual violence as a tool to victimize and humiliate its perceived enemies. The stories in the report, written after interviews with more than people, document a terrifying and systematic pattern of sexual abuse by the government during house raids, at checkpoints and in detention centers. One security officer told me to go to my room and he followed me in. Some women who resisted were killed, or were forced to watch their relatives die. Government checkpoints At government checkpoints, particularly in opposition-held areas — a near-daily reality in Syria, where most roads are controlled by someone — women and girls suffered similar humiliations.

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