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Sanam Hafeez 7h When children return from their first day of school , they can experience mixed feelings. They might have made friends, learned something new or felt a feeling they never felt before. Some phrases mamas can say in these instances are affirmations of support, others are questions to help children reconnect with home and express how they felt throughout the day. Here are 10 encouraging phrases to say to your child after their first day of school: 1.

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I started laughing. Since childhood, nerves have always made me giggle. I was almost hysterical. Barely pregnant, I was advised there was a strong chance of miscarriage, irrespective of whether the coil was left in or taken out. I left to pick up my son from school.

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My tears had dried up by then, but they threatened to return at just the sight of my boyfriend. And as much as I wanted to run to him, I couldn't move from my spot. Primarily because my butt was numb and my feet were tingly. "Holly?" He squatted in front of me, pressing the back one hand to my cheeks before gently taking my hands in his, lightly rubbing back and forth.

"Honey, you're freezing.

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That night was a repeat of the last. I lie there in the dark and silence, grateful that the gym was closed on Monday and Tuesday for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I planned to just sleep through the holiday and continue my ritual pity party. Maybe I could call in sick on Wednesday and take the rest of the fucking week off.

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Was he like the Grinch's cousin. Bringing Christmas every year instead of stealing it. When I turned on the light, I noticed tissues littered the floor around the garbage can. Clothes were overflowing the hamper since I usually did laundry on the weekends. And then there was my reflection in the mirror.

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" His words. his touch. They didn't help this time. I was just.

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"I'm a coward," I finished, trying to turn onto my side without sloshing too much water onto the floor. Chris just hummed against my hair, his arms adjusting to hold me in my new position. "Is that an agreement. Dissention. Because if you fucking say you're Switzerland.

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