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Go to permalink Depression or losing the baby weight are the more publicized concerns of the postpartum woman, but anyone who's had a baby knows how trying pregnancy is on the body, with long-lasting, painful physical effects involving muscle strain and misaligned bones. It's the kind of stuff that can't be fixed by getting back into a bikini three weeks after giving birth. Have you ever heard of "diastasis recti"? It's when the stomach muscles—the "six pack"—separates because they were ripped apart by the growing fetus.

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If you are preggo, just stay the fuck away from me. No, I am not fucking happy for you. When you are trying and failing for a baby you become super aware of pregnant women. It literally seems like the number of pregnant women in your immediate area code quadruples and they are always wherever the hell you happen to be, all glowing and gorgeous and just rubbing it in your un-pregnant face. That seems a bit fucking ridiculous to me.

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But would he try to push the line with something he thought would achieve that same goal. I shot my eyes up to his and opened my mouth. Before I could speak, he tossed the clamps back in the box and stood, shoving his pants down around his ankles.

His shirt was over his head and on the floor soon after. Then he stood before me in all his glory, the light flashing off his jewelry.

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"Does he touch you like this?" A finger swept through the heat I could feel radiating off of the insides of my thighs. He moaned, probably at how wet and hot I was.

"Or this?" Strangled, gurgle-like sounds erupted from my throat as he continued with two fingers. Rubbing harder.

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