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Surprisingly, this unleashed a smidge of a media furor, of the sort that only the hint of illicit teenage sex can unleash. For some reason a sudden influx of oily guys with camcorders? But the fact that 17 girls in a school all got pregnant within a year is undeniable. Everyone following the story is asking the same question: how else could so many teenage girls get pregnant so suddenly? Yet a followup article by Time, backs the original story, finding more evidence of hot, taut, pre-planned teen pregnancy.

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Naturists blame 'prude' UK for high teen pregnancy rate Updated: BST, 18 March comments Andrew Welch from British Naturism said attitudes towards the human body contribute significantly to a wide range of problems, including teen pregnancies picture posed by models Nudists said today that a more relaxed attitude to the naked body could reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. The British Naturism organisation said it was no coincidence that a high pregnancy level among teenagers was found in the 'least liberal' countries. In a submission to the Scottish Government, the group said: 'Anyone who advocates prudery should be required to stand in front of a group of pregnant teenagers and explain why it is that, in countries such as Denmark or the Netherlands, most of them would not be pregnant. That consultation was prompted by a UN report in October last year which described a 'general climate of intolerance' and negative attitudes towards children, especially adolescents, in the UK.

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Oh, God. Yes. Don't stop, honey!" Stroking and sucking his cock, my tongue played at the underside while I fondled his balls. My breasts were aching now, too.

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In back, there would be a simple stem down my spine connecting the parallel lines and a figure-eight weave at the top between my shoulder blades to secure the loose ends. Too soon, he was done. Then I was lying down again with a pillow between my hands and my back. While not constricting like he'd done in the past with my breasts individually wrapped as though in two vices, I could feel the ropes pull taut and then loosen again with each inhale and exhale. The snugness of them against my chest and back was highly arousing.

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It's okay. " Chris eased out of me and rolled me onto my back. His left palm cupped my cheek. "Look at me, Holly.

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Then there was the fact that he was strapped for funds with starting school again in January. The benevolence of Professor Bradley only covered tuition. He still needed a roof over his head and food in his belly. I said he didn't have to contribute toward rent while he was getting his degree, but he insisted that he couldn't live with me for free.

We compromised that he'd pay the utilities.

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FUCK!" I let go of his cock and clawed at his thighs, blinking rapidly. It took a moment to remember to breathe through my nose. But by then, he'd released me and I was leaning over his lap, gasping. At a tug on my hair, I looked up through bleary eyes to see Chris panting heavily.

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And then the vibrator started up again. I'd heard the steady humming before I felt the plastic tip move along the outside of my pussy, but my body still jerked as though I'd been electrocuted. Although it was useless, I clawed at the cushion under me again. Tried to dig my feet into the other end of the couch. Twice more, he alternated between touching the toy to my clit and just the outside of my swollen pussy, pulling away right when I was on the edge.

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