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Then I was falling backwards with a startled cry. My head landed on a throw pillow, and my legs were spread around him as he sat facing me on the cushion, one of his legs bent under him. He ran his hands up and down the outside and then the inside of my thighs. "Does he know how to touch you like I do. Seduce you.

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We both let out broken moans when his flesh touched mine. It was just the tip of his cock-primarily the reverse Prince Albert ring-that brushed my outer pussy lips, but it was electrifying. Apparently for us both because he gasped and jerked back. "Tell me, Holly. " His eyes slid down then back up my naked and bound body.

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"One of the booths at the event had talked about anthropology. How you could use the degree to be an archaeologist. I thought it was the perfect area to study. I wanted to go to all these places around the world and help uncover lost cities and their treasures.

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" Licking my lips, I crawled back up beside him. "Good. " He kissed me and hugged me tight then tucked my head under his chin while he stroked my hair.

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Or ran from them. That's how I'd met Chris. I'd been running from the consistent annoyance of my roommate being gaga in love at our shared apartment. Little had I known what had awaited me at the mall. In the bedroom.

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I hissed and arched under him. Fighting internally now between wanting to know what was going on outside this room and getting lost in my lover's charms. His fingers and then his cock pressing between my legs made the decision. Soon, we were both moaning. Writhing.

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I wanted to go to all these places around the world and help uncover lost cities and their treasures. Lost civilizations. " The more he talked, the more I kept envisioning Indiana Jones movies. Which made me think of the whip the lead character used. And that made my pussy throb.

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Instead, he approached from behind, across the mattress. Shivers rippled up my spine at the feeling of his fingertips tracing my hips with the lightest touch. His breath caressed my upper back between my shoulder blades before his lips did. then his tongue.

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