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"Just don't do it too often because people may begin to think you're looney. " I giggled at that, wondering if he knew from experience, and started down the walkway. On either side of the wide space broken up by benches and a directory kiosk, people were shoving their way through the racks of clothes, seemingly oblivious when articles fell on the floor in the various stores. Others were already juggling multiple bags while maneuvering through the masses to the next store.

The further we walked, the worse it got.

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But even then, the jobs were harder to come by than I had been originally led to believe. I'd thought wanting to be an archaeologist was too limited. My chosen field ended up being too broad. After graduation, I did some subbing and really liked the science classes. But I didn't have a teaching degree to make it fulltime.

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But they always put food on the table, kept a roof over my head, and paid the bills. I was lucky I'd found this apartment so cheap. I saved up everything I earned those last three years of college. The Bradleys wouldn't let me pay for anything. I've tried to save more since then.

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A little friendly competition was good for the soul, he said. I'd seen at least three movies where a guy introduced the girl he was interested in to his job flinging fish. Of course, she enjoyed it despite her doubts. There was some kooky flirting against a backdrop of lively music, and then they ended up making out while the sun rose, despite the fact that the two of them would have been smelling like a chum bucket if it had been happening in reality.

When Chris had asked if I wanted to earn some extra cash, I hadn't expected it to be like a movie.

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"This past year must have been horrible for you with me always hanging around. I can't imagine. " He stared at the floor and cleared his throat.

"You have no reason to believe I'm being sincere.

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He drew back and crashed into me, making me scream again. "That's it. Right there, honey. I can feel you squeezing around me. Milking my cock.

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Ever since I'd discovered his list, I'd been afraid to learn where his darker side came from. Dreaded that knowing the truth could lead to finding out he'd want more from me than I was willing to give. Able to give. Which meant I'd have to let Chris go.

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Clothes were overflowing the hamper since I usually did laundry on the weekends. And then there was my reflection in the mirror. Blotchy skin, hair that looked like I'd been sleeping in a bush not on my bed, and my nose was so red, I was surprised it wasn't signaling Santa.

I could imagine my breath would be similar to having eaten an onion.

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