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I held up my hand, and Chris said, "She's not done. " "Case in point, Thanksgiving," I said once I could talk again. It was a struggle to keep from shouting. "Jolie knows very well it's my favorite holiday. That this year, the traditions woven into my memory since childhood had already begun to unravel because my parents became snowbirds.


I swear-" "I had a miscarriage. " The words just kind of fell out. I had contemplated for the last three days how I would tell him. if I ever did.

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Partly because I was stunned he was finally admitting he'd wronged me, and I didn't want him to take it back. "This past year must have been horrible for you with me always hanging around.

I can't imagine. " He stared at the floor and cleared his throat.

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With today's confirming test results, that was no longer true. Life kept dealing me blows. This one had knocked me flat on my back, and I couldn't find the strength to get back up again. I fell asleep with tears drying on my face and my heart feeling crushed. The next morning, I found cans of chicken noodle soup and clear juice stocked in the kitchen; tissues and pain relievers in the bathroom; and bedding folded on the ottoman.

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Then just two fingers. Only one. Repeating, as though he were petting. All while he fucked me.

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So I closed my eyes and tried to settle in for the long haul, hoping for the best. "I wonder if this guy knows how sensitive you are. " Chris placed his right hand directly on my pubic bone and slid his thumb down to stroke back and forth above the cleft of my shaved pussy.

Sparks shot out from my core inside, and my body lifted up, hovering in the air for a second before flopping back to the couch. He did it again with the same effect.

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Just the simple pronoun had the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head from a long slumber. His fingers tightened around mine. "Don't. Please.

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For my graduation present, my parents gifted me that classic four-door in a lovely shade of evergreen that looks like it has been in a couple of Monster Truck Rallies. It's paid off, runs well, and the insurance is dirt cheap, so I can't complain. " I giggled at that. I thought my used car was near the end of its life. His appeared to be in worse shape.

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