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Asian business and reference

Preview Much of our existing knowledge about business and management has evolved in the West, but the emergence of Asian firms as major players in the world economy is challenging business and management scholars to widen their focus. Asia represents a major source of variations in structure, behaviour and context - from cultural, institutional and political to social and economic. This affords new opportunities for testing existing theories of business and management and for driving the development of new ones. Japan has already provided a precedent for this, with much of the current state of the art in technology and operations management resting on Japanese management foundations. This major work presents a collection of seminal works on Asian business and management, carefully chosen by the editor on the basis of impact and expert nominations.

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Minister Birmingham remarked that he was deeply encouraged by the strong optimism shown by Australian business. He highlighted that progress is something that is there in all of the statistics for all to see and further emphasised that the growth in trade, services, investment, flow of people, has been of enormous benefit to both China and Australia and more broadly across our region. The report will serve as a useful reference for businesses, policymakers and communities alike to understand the opportunities and challenges that come with doing business in China, and make better informed decisions that will guide the evolution of the Australia-China relationship in a positive direction for our members. Please click here for the report.

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First journal on Asian business and management ranked in the Social Sciences Citation Index Provides thought-provoking insights into Asian business and management Multi-disciplinary coverage of topics relevant to Asian business and management Open to a wide-array of methodological approaches Please note, we are currently updating the Journal Metrics. The journal covers topics in the areas of corporate governance, human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior, organization theory, strategy, technology management, and related areas. ABM addresses a fundamental business question: What are the drivers of successful Asian business and management? ABM distinguishes itself from general business and management journals as it focuses on the Asian context.

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