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Professional shaved ice machine

Hawaii only offers the best and finest shave ice not sno cone machines on the market. Our staff is trained to assist you with your shaved ice machine purchase. No matter if you are using it for home or commercial, we will help you find the shave ice machine that suits your needs and budget. We specialize in Fujimarca, Hatsuyuki, and Swan shave ice machines. When deciding to purchase a shave ice machine, don't only look at the price and quality of the machine, but compare the people who is selling it.

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For one, the pounds of ice per hour can produce servings per day. As mentioned in the video above, this machine will create snow that is more coarse or crunchy ice similar to what you might see served at a baseball game. You can use ice purchased from any grocery or convenience store to feed into the machine. All you need to do from there is open the feed lever and scoop the ice into the top of the Sno-King Professional. For safety purposes, this machine requires two hand operation.

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How do you decide what type of shaved ice machine will meet the daily demands of your business? We're going to shed some light on this matter today. Is your business mobile? In this case, cube ice shavers are much more effective and efficient than block ice shavers, particularly because accessibility to ice and counter space is vital. For the most part, stationary businesses use block ice shavers, which typically stay in place at all times.

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Since this portable machine can turn ordinary cubed or bagged ice into a light, fluffy snow in a matter of seconds, the Hatsuyuki HC-8E is perfect for shaved ice startups. With a safety switch and a large drip pan, this model is the smart choice for any professional commercial operation. The Hatsuyuki HC-8E features a blade adjustment knob located on the front of the machine. This allows the operator to adjust the texture of the snow to your liking, very fine to very coarse. An important safety feature prevents the machine from being operated while the lid is open.

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