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Amazon iTunes When Cyd goes to Chicago to stay with her aunt for the summer, she doesn't expect to fall for a girl who lives in the neighborhood. Her aunt, too, is surprised by Cyd's gentle nudging to live a more authentic—and romantic—life. It's problematic for sure, but it's become a cult classic for its unapologetic depiction of gay sexuality before the AIDS epidemic. Shot beautifully, with great music and a close look at Havana in all its run-down and colorful glory.

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The formative link between queer people—queer women in particular—and witches is clear. Witches have long been considered women transgressing the parameters of femininity. Witches blur the boundaries of biological sex as well as cultural gender. Yes, I would think so. Even Elvira, Mistress of the Dark almost meets her end in the titular film surrounded by ogling guys and angry villagers wielding long, hot torches.

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The culmination of a 11 year long story arc, Avengers: Endgame picks up after Avengers: Infinity War, with half of the world still missing after Thanos collected all the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers. The movie itself is an incredible feat of storytelling, but it doesn't properly reflect audiences in all ways. Marvel and Disney have, over the years, come under fire for the favor seemingly shown to the straight white male characters, but Marvel and directors Anthony and Joe Russo have hinted that all that would change with the introduction of Marvel's first openly gay character in Avengers: Endgame. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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But the most remarkable thing about queer readings of the film may be how unremarkable they really are. Through both its corporate practices and the content of its films, Disney for decades has implemented the so-called "gay agenda"—which is to say, helping make the world a more accepting place. This marks the Disney protagonist as odd, unusual, queer. Even classic Disney films featured these archetypes.

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Scar in 'The Lion King. Don't think too hard, because it's a trick question: The answer depends on how you define "gay. Honorable mention goes to Oaken from Frozen , whose wonderfully nonchalant coming-out scene was so downplayed that many people argue it wasn't real. In the 90s, so many films in the "Disney Renaissance" featured gay villains, it felt like they'd hired Anita Bryant as a creative consultant. It's easy to take potshots at Disney since it's the biggest target in the field.

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Bowers was an attorney who in sued the law firm Baker McKenzie for wrongful dismissal in one of the first AIDS discrimination cases. He sued Hyatt in and won just before his death. A year after Bowers' death, producer Scott Rudin interviewed the Bowers family and their lawyers and, according to the family, promised compensation for the use of Bowers' story as a basis for the film. Family members asserted that 54 scenes in the movie are so similar to events in Bowers's life that some of them could only have come from their interviews. However, the defense said that Rudin abandoned the project after hiring a writer and did not share any information the family had provided.

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Something that prevented me from drifting off and joining my lover in dreamland. I still had to deal with Dirk and Jolie. Soon. God help me. I kept pacing the length of the kitchen, pausing every few passes to glance at my phone on the counter.

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