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The Upside, Jan. The movie is about Phillip Bryan Cranston , a millionaire with quadriplegia who hires Dell Kevin Hart , a down-and-out ex-con who shows up for a job interview as a caretaker just to get a signature so he can keep his parole officer happy. I saw the film at TIFF, and Cranston and Hart have a winning rapport as their respective characters learn the lessons about themselves and each other that you can kind of see coming from a mile away. STX Entertainment ultimately rescued the film, and gave it one of the lowest-stakes release dates possible at the beginning of January. Really, everything had finally started looking, er, up for The Upside — and then Hart created a PR nightmare when he refused to apologize for his old anti-gay tweets after he was hired to host the Oscars, then quit the job, then apologized , and then talked to Ellen DeGeneres about the Oscars scandal while promoting the movie and somehow made things even worse.

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From underground film and music to photography to poetry, Malanga seemed to be everywhere at once over his long career. He now lives in Hudson, New York. What follows are excerpts from In Remembrance of Things Past, a memoir built of disparate vignettes and juxtaposed meditations drawn from the full range of his life and work. A faded color print of Saint Anthony of Padua holding the baby Jesus the antiques dealer said the bright green wooden frame came from India, though I suspect Mexico is more likely, given the particular color.

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This was, of course, the reason why I talked to Patricia the first time I met her. Few months later I was still living in Italy I went to visit her in Paris and from that very moment on it was "friendship at first sight"! Patricia and I found out to have in common, among many other things, an unconditional love for Jacques Demy. So, Monday night at 7 pm, we were ready to enter the enchanting world of Monsieur Demy. And enchanted we were!

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Martin is very open about her love of makeup. Evah is based in Atlanta. Improve your skills in our upscale Hollywood production studio, and receive intensive training from the industry's best hair, makeup and production artist in Los Angeles. Lead artist Dawn Johnson has over 17 yrs experience.

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But it is a lovely piece of music. But hey, it is definitely a bit of continuity fans appreciate each time they hear it — even if it is the prelude to a gruesome death. Netflix Season 2, Episode 3: "The Waldo Moment" Many have made the now-trite observation that this episode, about a cartoon bear who insults his way into higher office, predicted the rise of Donald Trump.

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