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See also: Independent Highland Companies The source of the regiment's name is uncertain. These were to be "employed in disarming the Highlanders, preventing depredations, bringing criminals to justice, and hindering rebels and attainted persons from inhabiting that part of the kingdom. Other theories have been put forward; for instance, that the name referred to the "black hearts" of the pro-government militia who had sided with the "enemies of true Highland spirit", [5] or that it came from their original duty in policing the Highlands, namely preventing "blackmail" Highlanders demanding extortion payments to spare cattle herds. The 42nd became the 1st Battalion, and the 73rd became the 2nd Battalion.

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And the irony of it, it was happening anyway. Girls didn't stick around with guys who made it blatantly clear they had secrets. " The constant buzz of one of our phones on the nightstand had us both looking in that direction. It stopped a second later.

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Thank God, he didn't tell me to open them again. Each brush of his fingertips along the outside of each fleshy globe-around my areolas-pulled another moan from me. The heat of his palm was palpable as it lingered over one nipple, which seemed to strain for his contact. I clutched at the couch cushion, but my nails just scraped the plush material. My eyes fluttered open, and I couldn't stop licking then pressing my lips together.

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But this morning when I asked her if Dirk was defrosting the turkey at his place because I'd not seen it, she dropped the bomb that he was on a no-poultry diet and had bought a ham for us to bake instead tomorrow.

Lots of people had ham instead of turkey. I liked ham, didn't I. Then she rationalized, since there was no bird, there was no need for stuffing. And as neither her nor Dirk were big on mashed potatoes, they would make scalloped potatoes to go with the meat.

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I'd not yet confronted him about the incident from last Halloween. Each time I psyched myself up, something happened that made me lose my nerve. Maybe I hoped in the back of my mind that Jolie would move out to be with him. or break up, either option solving the problem. But a year later, here we still were.

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Mmm. That was. whew. amazing.

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