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Mayer Pictures. In , it was announced that MGM was to merge with 20th Century Fox, but the plan never came to fruition. Over the next 39 years, the studio was bought and sold at various points in its history until, on November 3, , MGM filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company was spun out in , with the studio's owner Kirk Kerkorian maintaining a large share, but it ended all affiliation with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in

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Original: Dec 31, While many pay-per-view executives and observers will focus on driving near video-on-demand and VOD movie purchases in , the adult business will arguably make its share of noise in PPV next year-albeit quietly. Adult product has been a consistent source of revenue for cable operators since Playboy TV launched in the late s. As operators expanded their PPV channels to offer more choice to consumers, the adult industry kept up with the technology by adding more networks and providing additional movies and special programming. In the late s, services such as Spice Hot, The Erotic Network and The Hot Network pushed the envelope on editing standards and offered a "hotter" product with greater consumer appeal than traditional adult PPV fare.

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" He mumbled something against my skin that sounded like a warning not to make promises I couldn't keep before resuming. I just sighed, unable to resist the wave of pleasure drifting over me. After a long moment of nuzzling and licking on his end which had us both moaning, he rested his chin in the valley between my breasts and sighed as well.

"I dated a girl who worked in a tattoo parlor.

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You might need another drink. Maybe two. " I copied him and finally lifted my eyes back to his. "What had you wanted to do. Before you did this?" "Honestly, I'm not entirely sure I had something pinpointed down.

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How you had actually met. I'm still processing it. I knew right away why you hadn't said anything. You always were the more reserved one when we were together. Wanting to keep everyone happy in whatever group we were with, even when you weren't feeling it yourself.

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Honestly, though. I think you just don't care about anyone but yourself. " I paused, swallowing several times. My heart pounded from the adrenaline pumping through my body.

I reached out to Chris who handed me the bottle I'd left on the counter by the sink.

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