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No doubt the governor was sincere in making the connection, but do unwed, pregnant teens really have much to do with the true meaning of the virgin birth? Casting Mary as unwed teen mom could of course be one way to illustrate the difficulties she experienced in explaining herself to those around her. Another motive might be to commend young, unwed mothers who choose not to abort their children. User here in critical commentary is fair use.

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Helping you understand the Word of God, free from the traditions of men. To be sure, Mary was a remarkable woman. For example, apparently no one at that time, including she herself, was expecting the Messiah to be born of a virgin. This is why she asked the angel Gabriel how she was going to bear the Messiah when she was not married and sexually active Luke , why Joseph decided to divorce her, and why, years later, the religious leaders still thought that Jesus was a bastard child, born of fornication John — KJV. One very remarkable thing about Mary is that she would almost certainly have been years old when the angel Gabriel appeared to her.

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Young, poor and pregnant: Teen mums in the Philippines While teen pregnancy rates in most countries are declining, numbers are rising in the Philippines. Her boyfriend was 19, and it was her first sexual experience. But he said he would take responsibility and that he loved me," she says. Her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, but Angela is now a mother of four.

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel London violence Image copyright Facebook Image caption Kelly Mary Fauvrelle was stabbed to death in south London in the early hours of Saturday The baby son of a heavily pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in south London has died. Her baby - named Riley by Ms Fauvrelle's family - was delivered by paramedics at the scene but died in the early hours of Wednesday. The news comes as the Metropolitan Police released footage of a man seen running away from the house that night. Det Ch Insp Mick Norman said the "tragic development makes it even more important that anyone with information comes forward as a matter of urgency".

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His weight shifted until he was sitting on my thighs, my legs pinned together beneath him and his cock between us. One hand held both of my wrists now. He yanked the pillow free with his other. For a moment, he did nothing-said nothing-but stare at me.

Slowly, he pulled the sheet away, revealing my heaving breasts.

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"Mmm. Relax, Holly. Yes, just like that. " His bottom leg slid between both of mine, pinning his right hand against my ass.

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