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To the left are the sub's two Type 97 2, pound kilogram torpedoes; note wire attached to conning tower to push nets out of the way. HA was built at Kure Naval Shipyard in Sakamaki navigated with a magnetic compass, which was affected by the boat's electrical systems. HA hung up on a reef, damaging one of her two torpedoes.

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Thanks for watching! Pearl Harbor could only succeed if it was a complete bolt out of the blue. Shortly before dawn, the destroyer received word that another American ship had spotted a submarine conning tower near the mouth of Pearl Harbor. As the sky brightened, the Ward approached within 50 yards of the suspicious craft and opened fire at A.

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Painting by Tom W. Freeman, courtesy of Valor in the Pacific National Historical Park As part of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, , the Imperial Japanese Navy sent an attack group of submarines to surround Oahu and sink ships attempting to flee. Five of the submarines carried top-secret "mini submarines. They were to surface and fire their torpedoes during the aerial attack.

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Apparently for us both because he gasped and jerked back. "Tell me, Holly. " His eyes slid down then back up my naked and bound body. The sound of his breath catching made my heart thump harder against my chest. His eyes locked with mine, and his Adam's apple bobbed as though in slow motion.

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Yes, maybe this was all I needed to feel better. But I soon found myself squatting in the tub. Crying with my arms wrapped around my legs. Unsure what thought of hundreds spiraling in my head like the water going down the drain had set me off.

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I screamed at the sudden penetration. His groan of approval was muted by his mouth pressing to my back. And then we were moaning together, his hands fondling my breasts while my arms hung limply over his at my sides and he bounced me on his lap. Fucking me from behind and under me.

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I hissed and arched under him. Fighting internally now between wanting to know what was going on outside this room and getting lost in my lover's charms. His fingers and then his cock pressing between my legs made the decision. Soon, we were both moaning.


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That Chris had gotten down on the floor. on one knee. I kept looking from him to the box and back again. Oh, God. Oh, God.

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When I first met him, he had his basement all set up for meetings. They were nothing like the ones I was used to going to here. His included mini-seminars with proper techniques and always ended with the couples practicing whatever had been discussed. Since I was partner-less, he worked privately with me on the weekends in non-sexual situations for about six months. " While he talked, his fingers moved lazily over my skin, sending goosebumps popping up on my arms and legs.

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" "Why now?" Chris's voice was tinged with anger. His fingers gripped me tighter, making me wince. "Why come clean after all this time?" Dirk didn't answer but went back to the door and pulled it open. Jolie paused in the doorway, worrying her lower lip while she looked around.

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