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Tweet Toshio Saeki, Yarai, In the deranged world of ero guro nansensu, the stranger and grosser an illustration, the more prized it is. Common tropes of the s-born Japanese artistic and literary movement include erotic asphyxiation based on a real-life case at the time , a samurai slicing up a bondaged girl, snakes with human heads, or a contortionist sucking out the eyes of a young boy, rendered in traditional woodblock printing technique. And these are just milder examples of the surreal and macabre grotesqueries that continue to influence contemporary Japanese artists, including Toshio Saeki, Takato Yamamoto, and Suehiro Maruo. Suehiro Maruo interpretation of the erotic asphyxiation theme Takato Yamamoto Toshio Saeki, Renrui, Not to be confused with pornography or horror, pure ero guro nansensu is distinctive in that it focuses on dark erotic fantasies paired with really disgusting things. The name is taken from the English words "erotic grotesque nonsense," and so blood and violent gore does not always necessarily feature in—a girl with ten eyeballs stuck in her genitals could be just as valid and incongruous.

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Consider filmmakers such as Jean Rollin, who in La Morte Vivante gives us a weird, atmospheric film about a young woman who returns from the grave with an insatiable lust for blood. You could place several of her movies on a list like this, but Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals is interesting for the way it attempts to combine the softcore and cannibal genres. Then the cannibals show up and abduct our heroine, who promptly escapes and…. The End.

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Aged 24, he moved to Tokyo, at a time when the sex industry was exploding. Saeki quit a day job at an advertising agency after a few months, and wound up contributing to Japanese cult men's magazine Heibon Punch, who 'showed women how to pose to provoke their boyfriends'. It was his work for HP in the 60s and 70s that would pique the interest of the contemporary scene: worldwide exhibitions followed and his work received international acclaim. Saeki's extreme, intensely controversial images relate simultaneously to modern and ancient art practices. The provocative tendencies of the artist's crazy mind are, for example, inspired by childhood nightmares, scenes from his everyday life imprinted on his photographic memory, the stars of 'Ginei' movies and Western comics.

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My neck started to ache from its constant arch. I could no longer see anything at all because my eyes had rolled back so far. A fire was burning in my lungs, but I didn't care. Chris panted somewhere above me, his grunts mingling with my moans. And then he eased off.

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His cock bobbed slightly from its elevated position, and I licked my lips. Any thoughts of having the privilege of sucking it, though, were dashed when he maneuvered between my legs and sat back down. Although he was seated properly on the couch now, he was sideways to me with my left knee held up behind him against the back cushion of the couch. My other leg was draped so that my calf rested in his lap, his cock propped up between his abs and my shin.

The coolness of the balls from the Jacob's Ladder sent a little shiver from my leg all the way up my spine.

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"What are you saying?" Jolie asked, tears evident in her voice. I sighed. "I can't change the past, but I can try to make things right for the future. Better. " "Do you mean my wedding.

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It's going to be a long day. " I tried not to groan at the numbers on the alarm clock. People actually got up at quarter-to-four on Black Friday. On purpose.

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And damn it, I was hard as a rock again. My intent to ask you for a blanket and pillow to sleep on the couch went out the window.

I couldn't walk away. Not that time.

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He must have taken hold of the pillow because when I tried to pull on it to swing again, there was resistance. And then I was being pushed onto my back. I shoved at him, and we rolled back and forth with me on top then him. I ended up in the original position but with my hands held over my head on the mattress, the pillow pressed lengthwise between us.

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But there was no sign of Chris. I moped around the house, thankful that my new schedule did not include weekends. When I wasn't doped up on cold medicine and dead to the world, I curled up in the living room mindlessly watching TV or laid in bed despite not actually sleeping.

It was the latter when I heard the front door open and close and could see the hallway light turn on under my closed door.

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