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Elizabeth Taylor -esque glacial beauty Trivia Hired three cameramen to videotape the birth of her first child, Rumer Willis. Bruce and Demi announce they are ending their marriage of eleven years. No reasons given. She posed nude while seven months pregnant with middle daughter Scout Willis for a 'Vanity Fair' magazine cover. In August , she again posed nude for 'Vanity Fair', this time wearing body paint that resembled a man's suit.

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She's is no doubt having a rough time of late as she prepares for a divorce battle with her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. So you can't blame Demi Moore for taking a break from her usual grooming regime. The actress stepped out to pick up a juice in Los Angeles on Monday and was seen sporting hairy legs. Healthy treat: Demi Moore stepped out to grab a healthy juice in Los Angeles on Monday Long stubble sprouting from the actress's toned pins was hard not to notice as the year-old headed back to her car in a pair of mini shorts and motorcycle boots. Hairy situation: The actress was seen sporting some very hairy legs While she opted to reveal her skin in the attire, she completely covered up her top half in a grey T-shirt, a long black wool jacket and a patterned scarf.

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The word 'vulnerable' came to mind. I appreciated him even more for it. "I received a letter last week. " He bunched up his empty wrapper and played with the plastic lid from his cup, his eyes on the table.

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"Someone I knew while I was in college reached out with. an offer. I've been mulling it over. I really want to accept, but I feel like I've already been at the receiving end of her good graces for too long. There is no way I could ever pay her back.

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The feelings only increased the deeper I breathed. He retrieved something else from the box. For several long seconds, he just held his fist up, apparently making sure my eyes were on it.

Suddenly, he loosened his grip, and a narrow chain fell tinkling down with two tiny rubber-tipped clamps swinging back and forth over my chest. "Does he like to tease you, Holly.

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" I just snorted and rolled my eyes at him. "Tell me about your letter?" I asked later that night while we were lying in his bed, the sheet tucked around my naked body between us.

He was on his back with one arm under my neck. I was on my side facing him, and I kept sighing from his fingers casually running through my hair. He glanced at me.

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And then I couldn't stop. I was weak and had to have you completely. Even then, you floored me with your acceptance of my entire being. my piercings.

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That's how I'd met Chris. I'd been running from the consistent annoyance of my roommate being gaga in love at our shared apartment. Little had I known what had awaited me at the mall.

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You should see the other areas of the mall where the techy stores are. The high-end retailers. Kind of makes me glad I don't have a lot of money to spend. " I just nodded and continued following him to the office where we were supposed to check in. Twenty minutes later, I was handing out my first survey after several rejections.

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That had to have smarted, but he deserved it for the whopper he'd fed me. He must have taken hold of the pillow because when I tried to pull on it to swing again, there was resistance. And then I was being pushed onto my back.

I shoved at him, and we rolled back and forth with me on top then him.

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After it had happened a second time with another girl, I realized I must have been subconsciously projecting my fears that I would be rejected. And the irony of it, it was happening anyway.

Girls didn't stick around with guys who made it blatantly clear they had secrets. " The constant buzz of one of our phones on the nightstand had us both looking in that direction.

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