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Tudo, menos ficar mofando naquela casa. E ainda estava chegando mais gente. A grande maioria amigos de trabalho do meu pai com suas esposas e filhos. Tinha um corpo muito bonito, apesar de parecer ter por volta de 40 anos. Como posso dizer esquisita.

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Boba, que que tem Eu ofegante digo rangendo os dentes: - Possua Clara. Eu olho para cima, sentindo uma dor absurda, soltando um Ela espera. A ideia que lhe foi proposta consiste em saber como re

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Maybe I could clean up a bit and look presentable despite not wanting to celebrate anything at all today. I managed to slip out of my room and into the bath without making a sound. Brushing my teeth made a vast improvement. The hot streams of the shower head felt amazing, too. Especially when I washed my hair.

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He even seemed to scoot down further, moving toward me. I grinned before going back to flick my tongue at the tip of his cock a couple of times. At his guttural moan, I engulfed him almost to his base, the PA piercing blocking the rest of the way, as always.

Chris flung his head back.

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When the apartment went back to its silent watch for the night. It was the same routine on Sunday. Chris was gone by morning, his bedding neatly folded on the ottoman.

Where he'd gone, I had no clue.

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It had been hard at first because I'd gotten used to only feeling, not concentrating, when we were together like that. As a result, we'd discussed possible punishments for disobedience. He'd wanted to avoid spanking since I liked it and he wasn't into physical harm.

We'd eventually settled on standing naked in the corner, bent over with my legs spread and my wrists bound to my ankles, my ass bared to the room. It was uncomfortable and somewhat humiliating, but not painful.

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"Once I started at the university, I grew to like the biology courses," Chris continued, pausing to alternate between drinking and eating as he spoke. "I ended up getting a degree in that instead to allow more opportunities for employment. But even then, the jobs were harder to come by than I had been originally led to believe. I'd thought wanting to be an archaeologist was too limited. My chosen field ended up being too broad.

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Fucking me from behind and under me. I came again on his command, barely grunting acknowledgement at his multiple requests if I was okay. I was still shaking and mumbling when he dislodged himself from my body and laid me down, caressing my face and hair. Whispering for me that he was there.

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