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Needless to say, Peter is not necessarily the best at this job. He retains this one until he manages to accidentally kill his boss, Mr. Fisherman Hot on the heels of unemployment and living along the East Coast in Rhode Island, Peter decides to go out on a whim and purchase a boat to get around in. With inexperience weighing him down and misguidance from his fellow fishermen, Peter struggles with the idea that he is a terrible sailor until he manages to hit the jackpot of fishes This occupation lasts only one episode.

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All rights reserved The untold truth of American Dad! By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More. The untold truth of American Dad!

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Email Since Lindsay Lohan's split with Samantha Ronson, she's been seeking a different kind of press coverage, leaving behind the negative stories about her with that hilarious, self-deprecating eHarmony spoof video. But something tells me the kind of exposure she got today while shopping isn't quite what she's been searching for Lohan went shopping with her little sister on Melrose in a flowing white crochet dress, but she ended up putting a little too much out there: Behold, what I can only tastelessly, tackily, reluctantly refer to as Remember that episode of Family Guy where Peter starts his own TV station and there's an entire show devoted to side boobs? This would surely be a prime time contender, no!?

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Plot[ edit ] In a sequence unconnected to the remainder of the episode, Stewie prevents Osama bin Laden from sending a hostile message to the United States by attacking him and killing several of his henchmen, and in a parody of the opening scene from The Naked Gun rides off on his Big Wheel , cycling through scenes from various films and video games. He eventually arrives at his house and runs over Homer Simpson. Upon seeing Homer on the ground, Peter asks "Who the hell is that? After David Hyde Pierce 's wardrobe malfunction during the ceremony, the FCC, led by Cobra Commander , receives an insignificant volume of phone calls concerning the incident, and decides to censor any content from television that could be even slightly harmful to viewers. PTV is successful, but Lois is furious about everyone's interest in perverted TV, as she is concerned over how children will be influenced by Peter's programming in the DVD release, Peter and Cleveland , in a parody of Jackass , defecate on top of Lois' car.

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Oh come on, man, nobody's buyin' that. You expect me to believe you own stocks? Bat Industries was up two dollars a share today in heavy trading. Get back here!

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Brian's cousin, Jasper , and Jasper's boyfriend, Ricardo , appear for a couple of frames while Stewie rides through a gay pride parade. The reference is a culmination of two former adult themed local late night New York cable access shows: Midnight Blue and Interludes After Midnight. The latter was an all-nude talk show where the host wore a big gold medallion around his neck like Quagmire. To fulfill the claim that the show is "recorded in front of a live audience", Stewie records his own over-enthusiastic laughing and clapping and plays it during his character's punch lines. Dogs Humping: A Discovery Channel-type show that shows animals having sex.

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" Every now and then, his body would shift as he talked. I don't think it was intentional, but it caused sparks to light up sporadically through my nether regions. And the continual pressure on my wrists only added to the arousing sensations. I bit my lower lip and flexed my fingers, trying to distract my brain from losing concentration. "That March," he continued, "my dad got laid off.

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