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Through the following discussion, the reader will encounter an interesting shift of power, back and forth, between the two characters; an almost playful, erotic battle-royale in which the sailor character ultimately goes through the stages of the Greek Emotional Cycle. The reader will watch as the sailor and the maid linguistically volley for a position of power where the sailor character is ultimately blinded by his hubris, paving the way for the milkmaid to usurp his potion of power and thwart his plan for sexual dominance. The milkmaid should be understood as the nemesis of the sailor though he does not know this at first and the sailor is meant to be seen as the character who succumbs to his own hubris, in the face of his nemesis, ultimately leading to his downfall. When the chantey opens, the sailor describes how he is walking, rather casually, down a famous street for sailors employed during the Great Age of Sail. When the reader is first introduced to sailor character, he must be newly granted shore-leave and able to carouse about in port, looking for the pleasures and outlets that pepper the port towns of the age.

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"Her son was the leading quarterback on our all-state team. Pete 'The Plow. ' I always thought it was because of how well he played football. I didn't find out till later that he got his nickname from clearing snow with his dad every winter. He took over the physical labor part of his dad's landscaping business when his old man retired.

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Slowly, he moved one arm and then the other around her shoulders. I did shake my head then. Two peas in a pod, they were. I stepped away from my boyfriend and took a deep breath.

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" Dirk stuck his hands in the front pocket of his jeans, making his jacket bulge under his arms. When I started to turn away, he sighed and added, "I need to say something first, Holly. " My gaze slowly returned to him. I couldn't remember when he'd ever called me by my name.

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More deliberate with his movements. Pausing then digging in deeper before pulling back and repeating. I was so close. So fucking close. I just needed.

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