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Unless, they're gay-for-pay or something, ALL of those prostitutes fuck each other raw off-camera regardless of whatever kind of condom porn they make. He's not "on the way to bareback" because of who he hangs with or any BS like that. God you guys are old and dumb. I would not be surprised if Allen Silver is into meth and other drugs as there's always been a lot of drug use with people involved in porn. If I remember right, he is, or was, a licensed counselor.

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Danny: Hi Allen. What will you be doing for Christmas this year? Oh, really? It would be a first.

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Bringing Christmas every year instead of stealing it. When I turned on the light, I noticed tissues littered the floor around the garbage can. Clothes were overflowing the hamper since I usually did laundry on the weekends. And then there was my reflection in the mirror.

Blotchy skin, hair that looked like I'd been sleeping in a bush not on my bed, and my nose was so red, I was surprised it wasn't signaling Santa.

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What's going on. This can't all be because you got sick. " I started to close my eyes and tuck my head against his chest. "Don't you dare.

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While I had no desire to be afflicted with it, just the thought of the implement being brandished was surprisingly arousing. More of my naughtier side revealing itself, as Chris would say.

And that made me shiver. "Once I started at the university, I grew to like the biology courses," Chris continued, pausing to alternate between drinking and eating as he spoke. "I ended up getting a degree in that instead to allow more opportunities for employment.

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