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Starting a shaved ice business

Are you ready to start a shaved ice business? Do you absolutely love shaved ice with a passion? Then you may want to consider starting your very own business. When it comes to making the decision, your number one question includes the start up costs and business profit.

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Do those little snow cone shacks, push carts, or trucks make any real money? In this post, we will break out some different scenarios and factors that go into determining the annual profits of a shaved ice business. We will also outline some of the variable expenses of operating different models of this business. Note: For the purposes of this article we are using the word shaved ice or snow cone interchangibly.

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This is a two day event where people can come to learn about our equipment, have some hands on experience, rub shoulders with those who have done shaved ice for years, and then take that experience back with them to start or improve their own shaved ice business. A few years back at our Snowie Summit, there was a Mother and Daughter sitting at one of the tables. However, this girl had questions and was always paying attention. Everyone looked at her with adoring eyes and thought it was so cute how attentive she was.

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We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample shaved ice marketing plan backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for shaved ice businesses. Why Start a Shaved Ice Business? One of the very first steps to take when it comes to starting a new business is to carry out findings to know if the residents of the location you are about to launch the business will be willing to purchase the goods or services you are about to start selling. For example, if you intend starting an ice cream related business, you are expected to launch the business in a location with the right climatic condition; a place where there is some measure of fair weather in terms of heat.

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Starting any business can be as easy or as hard as you make it. A shaved ice business is no exception. You might have a few hurdles to jump over, but your hard work will be rewarded with a successful snow cone operation! There are no definitive rules outlining exactly how to start a shaved ice business, but we're here to help move you in the right direction. STEP 1: Do your research and check out our resource center - Shaved Ice University Visit SIU and step through the archive of articles, on getting started in the snow cone, snowball or shaved ice business.

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Few things play a more important role in the success of your shave ice shop than your location. Here are some things to consider when deciding where to set up shop. Find Location Piggybacking Opportunities A large part of your audience will discover you mostly because they simply saw your physical location. Landing a location near a community center, a college or a park is a great way to piggyback on a location.

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The primary expense will be determined by the unit you use to run your business. As Snowy Joey business has continued to grow the daily responsibilities and work has also changed for its owners. In the early days with only a single shaved ice machine, the Co-Owner of Snowy Joey, Chris would be working small events around by himself or with a friend. It was basically a one many show to setup the shaved ice equipment, work the events, make the ice, and book future gigs.

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Your shaved ice business can bring in the money if you choose a prime location, build yourself a good reputation and have plenty of hungry customers. However, there are some problems of which you should be aware, including finding a good location, remaining profitable, dealing with competitors, working seasonal hours and handling the physical nature of the work. Shave Ice Business Startup Costs As is true with other small business ideas, the startup cost can become a problem for potential entrepreneurs. A shaved ice business will not only require some kind of structure to rent or buy, but there are plenty of initial expenses when it comes to equipment, ingredients and supplies. You'll also need to pay for the permits and licenses required as well as for insurance, labor and utilities.

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