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Between the ages of 11 and 16, Neelam watched porn most days. She quickly got over that initial shock. For Neelam, it started with a simple curiosity about sex. It just felt like I was satisfying a need. I remember how quickly I got desensitised to it — 10 men and one woman, orgies that were basically a writhing mass of bodies, women being slapped or otherwise humiliated — and I was accessing all this before I had even had sex.


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Natalie Gil photographed by Meg O'Donnell. Sex and relationships experts are divided over whether or not it's possible to be addicted to sex, but for many people the urge to have sex can be severely detrimental, affecting their mental health, relationships and even their ability to hold down a job. Relationship charity Relate, which defines sex addiction as sexual activity that feels "out of control," recently called for help to be made available on the NHS. Opinions of female sex addicts need to change because sex addiction is as real an addiction as alcohol or heroin. Here, she shares her experience of living with a sex addiction.

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He was warm against my palms. The head so soft under my lips. Salty from precum already. Gently, I hefted his balls and fondled them between my fingers and thumb. That made him groan.

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A deep moan echoed in my chest when he pulled out a rectangular, black box I kept in there amongst the variety of blankets. Though not as tall as a large shoebox, it was the same width and length. Discreet but still plenty of room for. necessities.

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Wasn't I. "That explains it," Chris mumbled behind me. "Dirk proposed Thanksgiving night. " Jolie squeezed my hand, maybe for courage because her own were shaking.

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The ache in my breasts was increasingly frustrating. I wanted more than just the feather-light sweeps against my skin. I needed his hands fully on me. His mouth. Yet, if he did increase the pressure, I feared I would come.

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Then he just sat there staring down at me, his chest rising and falling slightly faster now. His cock barely moved it was so hard.

"Does this man. ," he licked his lips, "make you scream when he fucks you?" I held my breath, anticipating him sliding into me.

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So I closed my eyes and tried to settle in for the long haul, hoping for the best. "I wonder if this guy knows how sensitive you are. " Chris placed his right hand directly on my pubic bone and slid his thumb down to stroke back and forth above the cleft of my shaved pussy. Sparks shot out from my core inside, and my body lifted up, hovering in the air for a second before flopping back to the couch.

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We had a good time. I was late for work the next morning and left in a rush. That's about it. I didn't realize who you were when Jolie introduced us.

By the time I had, it had been a month.

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All of the negative stuff disappeared over the next hour or so. That alternate world I'd felt like I was in earlier.

It had moved into this room. There was only Chris and I. Nothing else-no one else-existed.

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