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Melyssa Ford , Nude Celebs 3 comments The bootylicious Melyssa Ford is a model and actress was discovered by Little X while working as a bartender in a night club in Toronto. She really catapulted into the spotlight in , and has been known for her amazing body and perfect proportions ever since. She even garnered the nickname Jessica Rabbit for her resemblance to the hourglass of the cartoon character. Keep scrolling down to see her amazing assets. She has numerous booty pictures from her many photo shoots which you can see below.

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Looking for a man who is willing to spend time not only in bed. And here are the rest of her most provocative photos organized into a gallery for easier viewing. She even garnered the nickname Jessica Rabbit for her resemblance to the hourglass of the cartoon character. Audrey from Tula Age:

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Maybe you'd slept with so many women that they all blurred together, because you surely would have remembered sleeping with someone in a hotel on Halloween a week prior. Since I'm not usually confrontational and I saw that Jolie was so happy, I tried to let it go. I hadn't counted on you always being here. And you completely ignored me.

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"And there's only you for me. " I choked back a cry. "You doubted my loyalty?" "Never, honey. It's just such a fucking turn-on to see you react when I push your buttons.

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Chris!" He grinned at me from where he was stretched out fully-clothed on top of the comforter. "Good morning, honey. " "Sorry about that. I'll go get ready.

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Several times, my desperate sounds escaped through my gaping mouth. Chris eventually stopped, but not before I was moaning incessantly. He switched to drawing light circles on my skin a few inches above each nipple, swirling around them in a ever-tightening spiral but never touching them directly.

The moment my breath hitched, he abandoned that teasing and simultaneously slid his fingers outwards along the top of the upper lines of rope on my chest all the way out to where they disappeared under my armpits. More shivers prickled my skin, and he reversed the motion.

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