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And those who are retirees often drive many fewer miles than when they commuted to work on a daily basis. Perhaps because of physical changes associated with age that affect eyesight, hearing and cognitive ability, senior drivers tend to be more cautious. For example, they might take safer back roads to avoid congestion on major thoroughfares; they may steer clear of rush-hour traffic. An older person is also more likely to avoid driving altogether when weather conditions are less than ideal, such as during a rainstorm or at night when visibility will be hampered.

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Talk to your insurance provider about the discount that they offer. Now you can renew your discount by taking our Pennsylvania Mature Driver Refresher course! Online and Convenient! You can start and stop the course as you like, resuming where you left off.

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Mature Drivers There is an emerging trend in road casualties involving people aged 65 and over. In response to an ever ageing population, resulting in an emerging trend for casualties aged 65 and over, the team developed a road safety seminar. Road Safety Seminars for Mature Drivers The seminar covered general road safety advice, including motorway driving, motorway breakdowns and pedestrian safety but also covered topics specific to this age group, such as decline in peripheral vision, reduced mobility and impairment through prescribed drugs. Although there some additional issues as we age, many drivers in this age group recognise these changes and self regulate by avoiding certain driving situations, such as driving at night, during rush hour or on certain types of road.

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Mature Drivers Mature Drivers Aged 65 and over, mature drivers also referred to as older drivers represent a growing segment of America's licensed drivers, but face an increased risk of traffic-related injuries and fatalities. In , 6, fatal crashes involved drivers 65 and older. This heightened risk is largely due to older drivers' increased vulnerability to injury, rather than a higher likelihood of getting into crashes. Vision Adequate visual acuity and field of vision are critical for safe driving but tend to decline with age.

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Seniors can get car insurance discount for classes Drivers 55 and older who take an approved class get car insurance discounts in 34 states. Post to Facebook Seniors can get car insurance discount for classes Drivers 55 and older who take an approved class get car insurance discounts in 34 states. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion.

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Car Insurance for Mature Drivers What is car insurance for mature drivers? Mature driver's car insurance offers a more competitive policy for you depending on your driving history. Our comprehensive panel of insurers offer a range of discounts, so you will no longer feel your no-claims history is not rewarded. There is no difference between our car insurance and our mature driver's car insurance, other than you getting rewarded for your driving experience. As a rule older drivers tend to drive less miles and reports suggest you are safer on the road.

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