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Email Even if your sex life is wonderful, and both you and your partner are orgasm proficient, there can still be some sexy issues. Like with the amount of foreplay he's offering. The following tip is for upping his pregame abilities not to lockout shy readers, but you may want to stay in the dressing room for this one. Dear Single John, My boyfriend and I have a fairly awesome sex life.

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Then, as you're just about to hit the nipple you go backwards the other direction. It's a fun cat and mouse that you can do a couple times. Eventually, you'll reward her with a light caress across her nipple and follow it up with a gentle pinch. The longer you play with her breasts the more intense you can get and harder you can pinch.

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Then he reached across me and brought my right knee back, tucking my foot behind his ass. opening me wide. Fucking me slower, one hand danced on my clit while his other fisted in my hair and held my head back against his shoulder while he assaulted my mouth.

I gladly let him. I was able to hold out until I felt him tense up and break away to yell my name before I joined him in release.

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Trying not to think of everyone closing in on me like the walls of a room. "You have to not let the crowd get to you. This place does an exceptional job of making me feel claustrophobic. I've learned to find ways to see myself through the commotion.

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And why wasn't my mouth working. "Does he do this to you?" Chris suddenly moved his hands down and caressed my breasts through the layers of my shirt and bra. Then he pinched and twisted my nipples, making me gasp.

"Does he know you like it hard and rough sometimes?" My arms and head seemed frozen.

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On the next couple of thrusts, he was slower. More deliberate with his movements. Pausing then digging in deeper before pulling back and repeating. I was so close. So fucking close.

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" He removed his hand from my shirt then rested the velvet-covered box on my stomach. There were soft clicking sounds while he spun the numbers on the lock and when the latch released. He lifted the lid and held up a set of metal handcuffs, putting the box on top of the ottoman.

Without a word, he supported my neck to help me sit up, removed my top and bra, and then secured my hands behind my back.

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"I thought you'd never ask. " He thrust hard, making me scream. In just a couple of strokes, I was shaking beneath him. He continued pounding. Nuzzling my neck, his chest smashed to my chest.

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Then he was rolling me onto my back. Climbing on top of me, his hands in my hair. His lips gently brushed mine. Over and over again. My knees fell open, and he nestled closer.

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I know we were both drunk. We had a good time. I was late for work the next morning and left in a rush. That's about it. I didn't realize who you were when Jolie introduced us.

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I'd been hired to answer phones, check in members, and be the physical Google when people had questions. Since last year, I'd been asked to do the bookkeeping as well.

Then this summer, I started filling in for the morning aerobics classes when the instructor was out sick or on vacation. I'd gained more responsibility but not more time to do it in.

and not more compensation.

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