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Regardless of what we do this summer, we can't forget the most important thing -- finding time for God. Our time with God will make the greatest difference in our own and others' lives. Why not put the Bible and Bible-based magazines on your summer reading list? You can make a difference by reading about God and applying what you've learned to situations that arise.

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Teen-age boys are a huge and growing untapped market in the eyes of some magazine publishers. The list is long. But there's little just for teen guys. But if magazines for teen-age boys are published, will they be read? Times Mirror and Rodale Press are banking on it.

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Shelves: nonfiction I don't know the other magazines but here is what I have to say for Cosmogirl and Seventeen: Cosmogirl Forget it! You are just wasting your money buying it. Stuff that they put on the front cover, has nothing to do what is really inside.

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Teen magazines were treasured objects during my formative years: Absolutely none of the sex or relationship advice was relevant, and I didn't actually buy most of the fashion or beauty picks I enthusiastically dog-eared. But savoring a print glossy from cover to cover was basically my favorite form of entertainment. Poring over teen titles certainly prompted my career path. It shuttered when I was in kindergarten, alas. Nostalgia aside, I was struck by the sheer variety I had and took for granted.

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There are a range of magazines available for teenagers on the shelves; however there are so many more e-zines online with so many more features. I have looked at the way in which new media has changed the way we consume magazines. I have concentrated specifically on teenage lifestyle and entertainment magazines. Comparing it to the hard copy, the online version is more flash. Looking at the layout of the page it clearly indicates the use of the rule of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity.

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Magazine Suzanne M. Enck-Wanzer and Scott A. With mixed messages, gendered double binds, and sex stereotypes emanating from nearly every medium of U. Since their conception in the s, teen magazines have become staples of pop culture throughout the developed world. Typically intended for girls and young women, magazines such as CosmoGirl!

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I checked my credit card bill and saw the room charge wasn't on it. Maybe I'd left some cash. I couldn't remember. You hadn't said anything about that night. or the money.

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I quietly secured the door and leaned my back against it, sighing and shaking my head. He'd done it again. Was he like the Grinch's cousin. Bringing Christmas every year instead of stealing it.

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