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Kind of makes me glad I don't have a lot of money to spend. " I just nodded and continued following him to the office where we were supposed to check in. Twenty minutes later, I was handing out my first survey after several rejections. We had been stationed in front of one of those preppy stores. Just like where I'd seen Chris last year.

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Over the next couple of years, I worked at various jobs that required manual labor and had nothing to do with my degree. But they always put food on the table, kept a roof over my head, and paid the bills. I was lucky I'd found this apartment so cheap. I saved up everything I earned those last three years of college.

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Yet again, though, our plans were waylaid when my boss asked me to pick up extra shifts due to losing another coworker to early maternity leave. I really could use the money, and Chris said he really wanted to go on the trip since it had been a few years since he'd seen his two sisters. He suggested adjusting the time he'd be gone so he could return in time to celebrate the special day with me.

As much as it hurt to know I couldn't go with him, I was okay with the compromise.

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I was referred to a guy who worked with Dominants. Trained them. And he lived less than an hour away in one of the suburbs. When I first met him, he had his basement all set up for meetings.

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