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I believe in staying in character the whole time not just using a role play as a set up and then having it deteriorate into a normal session , so I love it when the sub can stay in character too — and this sub did a remarkable job of that. What ensued was a whole lot of fun and as a result, he got a passing grade on his medical exam and was able to land the job of his dreams. The entire review can be seen on The Erotic Review. Membership required.

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The sun is slowly igniting the horizon. A band of gold appears as the theme from Thus Sprach Zarathustra begins to play under the picture. As the sun rises a group of neanderthals huddle together fearfully watching this magical giant disc rising up like a god. As the music swells a beam of pure golden light radiates across the landscape.

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An amazing book, very erotic and very entertaining …anyway, I digress. There was one fantasy a woman had about getting an enema, so I knew that it was probably a fetish. Lets face it, most things are a fetish to somebody somewhere. Well it turns out, it is a very popular one.

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The Life and Times of a Wicked Woman! Thursday, 13 March Enema Antics I've wanted to write about enema treatments for a while and now seems like a good time after recently advertising for an anal slut to help with some anal treatment trials. I have to clarify first for anyone who may be confused. I've been looking for someone who can try out a new piece of equipment namely my f machine but the person I'm looking for needs to be able to take a decent amount of stretching in the anal department.

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My older sister is the same and sometimes I go to the gym with her and her friends. I recently met a 22 year-old female through my older sister. We started going to the gym together and after a while and she told me that she takes an enema occasionally to help clean out her system. I didn't really think too much about it until one day, she asked me if I would come over and hang out with her.

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Special appearance by Tristan Taormino. The worldwide phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey has made kinky sex more popular than ever. Renowned sex expert Tristan Taormino explains how to talk to your partner about your fantasies and how to bring them to life. Then, four couples demonstrate tips, techniques, and kinky toys to help you take your sex life to the next level.

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Not yet a member? Get your share of the action , at a minimal cost -- the new owner temporarily reduced all prices! Billing has been restored, with many new options not available before for example, people can now join without a credit card. We double-checked all video and photo files.

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"Feeling better?" "Absolutely. " I kissed him when he lowered his lips to mine, and then I got up again and pulled on fresh pair of panties. I grabbed my jeans and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Is it the same spot as last year?" "It should be.

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The further we walked, the worse it got. The lines at the two different coffee vendors I was familiar with were a clear sign they were going to make a killing today. and there probably wasn't a chance I'd get my favorite drink. "This is nothing, Holly. You should see the other areas of the mall where the techy stores are.

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I wanted more than just the feather-light sweeps against my skin. I needed his hands fully on me. His mouth. Yet, if he did increase the pressure, I feared I would come.

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I didn't think either were possible with my current position. If I didn't get offered the promotion, did I want to stay at the gym and keep living month-to-month. Paying rent. Of course, that turned my thoughts to my roommate.

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