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Endowed. But it didn't seem to matter. One girl said she could tell I was hiding something by the way I shied away from letting her touch me below the belt when we made out. After it had happened a second time with another girl, I realized I must have been subconsciously projecting my fears that I would be rejected.

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I thought I was dreaming again, just like last year. That had turned out to be real. What were the chances. Crawling out of bed, I cracked the door open.

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He'd wanted to avoid spanking since I liked it and he wasn't into physical harm. We'd eventually settled on standing naked in the corner, bent over with my legs spread and my wrists bound to my ankles, my ass bared to the room. It was uncomfortable and somewhat humiliating, but not painful. He always started with a quarter of an hour and increased it by five-minute intervals if I made noises-whining, heavy sighs, even giggling-or broke my position in any way.

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